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Dear futsal friends, the moment of the truth has come! Let's open the 13th edition of the Futsalplanet Awards, the most traditional prizes of futsal!
As requested by our tradition, the AGLA Futsal Awards 2012 will make their debut through the celebration of the Best Woman Player of the World, a category award which is basic to us, in our aim to support all the girls playing the best sport on earth, futsal!

As you maybe know in this edition we have introduced again the voting system, in order to make the futsal community more and more involved. Every "voter" had the chance to indicate three preferences from the 10 nominees list, assigning respectively 5, 3 and 1 points to his choices.
We hope to make this futsal party bigger in the next editions, may futsal be the winner!
And now... who is the best woman player of the world? Well, we would always like to provide you with surprises and unexpected results, but that's not the case of this category, in which she's still the Queen: Vanessa Cristina Pereira!

Our congratulations to the brazilian star who achieved "o tri!" That's surely the sweetest way to face the first training of the season with Unochapecò, currently in progress in the catarinense town!

Below have a look at the final standing, while in the pdf file you will have the chance to check who voted for who!

AGLA Futsal Awards 2012

13th edition by

Best Woman Player of the World

Final Ranking

1st - Vanessa Cristina Pereira -> 202 pts
UnoChapecó/NTozzo/Female (BRA) - Brazil N.T.
2nd - Marcela Nascimento Leandro -> 103 points
Unesc (Bra) - Brazil N.T.
3rd - Ana Patricia Abreu Azevedo -> 96 points
FC Vermoim (POR) - Portugal N.T.
4th - Amparo Jiménez López "Ampi" -> 87 points
Ponte Ourense SAD (ESP) - ASD Ternana Futsal (ITA) - Spain N.T.
5th - Lucileia (also known as Lu) Renner Minuzzo -> 81 points
Sinnai c5 (ITA) - Brazil N.T.
6th - Joziane de Oliveira -> 74 points
CD Burela (ESP) - Brazil N.T. (goalkeeper)
7th - Alina Gorobets -> 57 points
MFC Laguna-Uor Penza (RUS) - Ukraine N.T.
8th - Mélissa Antunes -> 51 points
ARJ Mogege (POR) - Portugal N.T.
9th - Tatyana Deripasko -> 36 points
MFC Laguna-Uor Penza (RUS) - Russia N.T.
10th - Yulia Titova -> 23 points
MFC Laguna-Uor Penza (RUS) - Ukraine N.T.

AGLA Futsal Awards 2012

Best Woman Player of the World - Hall of Fame
2012 -> Vanessa (UnoChapecó/NTozzo/Female - Brazil)
2011 -> Vanessa (Burela FS - Unochapecó/Nilo/Tozzo/Female - Brazil)
2010 -> Vanessa (Unochapecó/Nilo/Tozzo/Female - Burela FS - Brazil)
2009 -> Alina Gorobets (FK Belichanka-93 - Ukraine)
2008 -> Cilene (Osasco/Jaguaré/Palmeiras/UniSant'Anna - Brazil)
2007 -> Eva Manguan (Encofra Navalcarnero - Spain)

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